Comparison of 2018 Income Taxes by City

It’s tax season! Here is a table comparing some of the largest cities by combined income tax of Federal, Social Security & Medicaid (FICA), state, and local. The table assumes:

  • $100k annual income (mostly so that the percent that goes to taxes is easy to calculate)
  • No dependents
  • No deductions or itemization (401k, SALT)
  • Taxes are annualized.
  • The taxes were copied from Smart Asset’s Paycheck Calculator
  • Cities in the list were picked from the top 35 metro areas.
  • Does not include any other taxes like property tax or sales tax.

The not so surprising result is that New York City has the highest combined income tax coming in at $33.1k (33.1% of income). Not far behind are Portland, Baltimore, and Philadelphia in that order. I am shocked by how high the taxes are in those cities, especially since they don’t have the reputation of New York. At the low-end low tax cities in Texas, Florida, Nevada and Washington all tied for last place, since they do not have incremental state or local income taxes.

Combined Income Taxes by City

Note: If you are on mobile, you can drag the table right or left to see the Federal, State and Local tax amounts.

1New York, NY$33,111$24,056$5,594$3,461
2Portland, OR$32,041$24,056$7,985$-
3Baltimore, MD$31,593$24,056$4,503$3,034
4Philadelphia, PA$31,050$24,056$3,070$3,924
5Los Angeles, CA$30,977$24,056$6,921$-
5Riverside, CA$30,977$24,056$6,921$-
5Sacramento, CA$30,977$24,056$6,921$-
5San Diego, CA$30,977$24,056$6,921$-
5San Francisco, CA$30,977$24,056$6,921$-
5San Jose, CA$30,977$24,056$6,921$-
11Washington, DC$30,805$24,056$6,749$-
12Detroit, MI$30,440$24,056$4,080$2,304
13Minneapolis, MN$30,321$24,056$6,265$-
14Columbus, OH$30,084$24,056$3,420$2,608
15Kansas City, MO$29,893$24,056$4,971$866
15St. Louis, MO$29,893$24,056$4,971$866
16Cincinnati, OH$29,653$24,056$3,420$2,177
17Atlanta, GA$29,566$24,056$5,510$-
18Cleveland, OH$29,463$24,056$3,420$1,987
19Charlotte, NC$29,323$24,056$5,267$-
20Indianapolis, IN$29,075$24,056$3,267$1,752
21Boston, MA$28,830$24,056$4,774$-
22Denver, CO$28,394$24,056$4,338$-
23Pittsburgh, PA$28,126$24,056$3,070$1,000
24Chicago, IL$27,724$24,056$3,668$-
25Phoenix, AZ$26,756$24,056$2,700$-
26Austin, TX$24,056$24,056$-$-
26Dallas, TX$24,056$24,056$-$-
26Houston, TX$24,056$24,056$-$-
26Las Vegas, NV$24,056$24,056$-$-
26Miami, FL$24,056$24,056$-$-
26Orlando, FL$24,056$24,056$-$-
26Tampa, FL$24,056$24,056$-$-
26San Antonio, TX$24,056$24,056$-$-
26Seattle, WA$24,056$24,056$-$-

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