Distribution of Non Profit CEO and Executive Director Salaries

Salary: $

Your salary of $100000 per year would rank above:

All Non Profit CEO / Executive Directors 59%

Non Profit CEOs29%

Non Profit Executive Directors 72%

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Non Profit CEO / Executive Director Graphs

Median Salary for Non Profit CEOs and Executive Directors: $85,493
Range of 25th to 75th Percentiles: $55,675 to $136,931
Lowest Salary: $1
Highest Salary : $21,629,920

Salary by Industry


Using the 2018 Non-Profit 990s hosted on AWS, I imported all the salary values for each person listed on every 990 available using R and an XML parser. This page was specifically filtered for salaries of people with titles matching CEO or Executive Director; I attempted to parse out titles that looked like they were related to non-compensated board of directors. These results only include people who were listed as working at least 30 hours a week with compensation. These values were aggregated and summarized into the values above. Not every non-profit reports a 990, so the 990s collected are generally for larger organizations.

I created this page because of all the attention given towards non-profit leaders who earn headline making amounts of money. While these people do exist, the majority of non-profit leaders earn much more humble amounts given their leadership positions. Only about 59% of non profit CEOs and Executive Directors earn at least 6 figure salaries.

IndustrySamples RecordedMedian Salary
Arts, Culture & Humanities4519$69341
Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy610$81616.5
Community Improvement & Capacity Building5231$88702
Crime & Legal-Related1504$80921.5
Food, Agriculture & Nutrition926$71903
Health Care4348$138904.5
Housing & Shelter2332$80000
Human Services10093$82024
International, Foreign Affairs & National Security905$90096
Medical Research293$136000
Mental Health & Crisis Intervention2181$94907
Mutual & Membership Benefit289$123942
Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations1838$79992.5
Public & Societal Benefit1852$142616
Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief190$80496
Recreation & Sports1758$75000
Science & Technology358$122811
Social Science116$94807
Voluntary Health Associations & Medical Disciplines1663$82678
Youth Development1524$74131
*Non-Healthcare is a group that includes all industries except for Health Care.

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