Debt Countdown Clock Plugin for WordPress

Insert a countdown clock of your progress to becoming debt free. Use the shortcode [shnugi_debt_clock_countdown] in a post, page, or widget and the short code will be replaced with a debt clock count down. Created by Shnugi Personal Finance and Faithful Dividends.

For test values try, a current debt value of 10000, use the current date for the Date of Current Debt Amount, and 2 months in the future for the Date of Debt Payoff.

This plugin includes a copy of The Final Countdown the jQuery.Countdown plugin.

Zip Download for version 1.0.0


Debt Countdown Clock Demo

Countdown to Debt Freedom
Debt Left: $0.0000
Debt Free by: 2016-11-01

Created by Shnugi Personal Finance and Faithful Dividends.