Average American Debt by Age and Type of Debt

Using data from the NY Fed’s Graying of American Debt, here is average total debt by age and type of debt for 2015. The number in the inner circle is the age of the debt holder, and the donut slices are scaled to represent the amount of debt in dollars. Hover over the slices to see the average debt amount in dollars.

Debt by Age Aster Charts

On a high level, overall debt:

  • Age 25: $19,700
  • Age 35: $57,600
  • Age 45: $73,700
  • Age 55: $61,500
  • Age 65: $48,300
  • Age 74: $29,300 (last available data is for age 74)

4 thoughts on “Average American Debt by Age and Type of Debt”

  1. You have awesome data on your site! Thanks! My one complaint is that you often fail to identify whether we are dealing with individuals or households. Can you clarify with this data set?

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